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Patchwork quilts

  • If a quilt is made from many different fabrics, wash it using a method that would be safe for the most delicate fabric in the mix.  If you aren’t sure, or if the quilt is old and fragile, take it to a dry cleaner.  GreenEarth solution is safe for antique and heirloom fabrics, but machine washing usually isn’t.
  • If a quilt can be washed in water, but is starting to wear out, wash it in your bathtub with gentle liquid laundry detergent like Ivory Snow.  Make sure the detergent has been completely mixed before adding the quilt.  Let the quilt soak for several hours.
  • Drain the tub and rinse in cool water with ½ cup vinegar to help dissolve all soap residue.
  • Line dry in the sun.  If the quilt is sturdy, it can go in your dryer.  Use the lowest heat setting, or no-heat tumble dry.  Throw in a few clean tennis balls or clean shoes to fluff it and prevent clumping.