Drapes & Rugs

Drapes and area rugs are difficult to clean at home. Most are too delicate—and too large—to go in a regular washing machine. Professional dry cleaners know how to handle these items. To keep them in good condition in between cleanings, follow these tips.


Vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt. If a spill happens, blot—do not rub—stain with a paper or cloth towel. If the stain has solid or dried matter in it, remove as best you can with a dull knife. Take the rug to a dry cleaner to safely remove the stain—even if it is a …

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Vacuum drapes weekly with the brush attachment to prevent dust build up. Use a gentle, up and down sweeping motion. Because you see them every day, it is easy to not notice gradual fading and soiling of curtains and drapes. They may look fine, but if you haven’t had them professionally cleaned in a while, …

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