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Work from Home in Style—Look the Part

PSA: Staying in your PJs all day isn’t the most motivating work from home attire. Pajamas and bed are typically associated with one another, and when you’re wearing the same clothes you slept in, your brain will stay in that bedtime mode and lack the productive drive needed to do your job effectively. Getting dressed for work absolutely sets the tone for the day ahead, especially when you work from home.

Plus, under current circumstances, it’s pretty likely you’ll be joining in on some video calls. You should look the part. You don’t want others to see a disorganized room behind you when you turn on your webcam, so why should your outfit be any different? And this isn’t a waist-up suggestion, either—we’re talking shirts, slacks, the whole getup. You don’t have to wear a full-on suit (although, you might want to if you have someone to impress), but wearing something you’d normally wear into an office and combing through your hair is certainly a step in the right direction.

Aside from what you’re wearing, how you wear your clothes is equally as important. A clean, crisp, and freshly pressed dress shirt or blouse goes a long way. Ahem, your local GreenEarth cleaner is the one for the job! And because our Network of Affiliates clean your dry cleanable items in a proven environmentally safe system, there’s no worry of color fade, shrinkage, or damage to even the most delicate of fabrics. GreenEarth is also odorless, so while your garments are dry cleaned, they won’t come back to you with a dry cleaned smell.

Have we convinced you yet to sharpen up your look for those work from home Zoom meetings? Get started by finding your nearest GreenEarth cleaner using our Store Locator.

Tips for taking care of your business clothes:

  • Give your garments room to breathe. Cramming clothes in an overly full closet can create wrinkles as well as wear down sensitive fabrics.
  • Button buttons and zip zippers! If left undone, your garments’ zipper teeth and/or buttons can easily catch on other items in your closet and result in damage. Always make sure to secure these fasteners before putting clothes away.
  • Don’t cut hanger straps out of tops or dresses—use them to reduce stress on the rest of the garment.
  • Hang suit jackets on wide wooden or padded hangers to help them keep their shape.
  • If you wear a belt with your work pants, take it out when hanging them back up. Even if you plan to wear them again the next day, leaving the belt hanging in the loops weakens the fabric. 
  • Tie and untie with care. While pulling on the thin end of your tie through the knot may be the quickest and easiest way to get it off, you run the risk of permanently misshaping the fabric. Follow the tie-tying steps in reverse to remove it and ensure it lasts.
  • Don’t let items sit in plastic garment bags. Over time, it can trap in humidity, thus attracting mildew.